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Augment and simplify your Microsoft 365 information governance and data management practice.

The Microsoft Information Governance Challenge

With the re-branding and announcement of Microsoft Purview, Microsoft aims to strengthen and expand it's information governance offerings for their customer base.  While Purview provides a layer of governance for the ever-so increasing customer data estates, gaps in the offering prevent a simple and compliant adoption of the application. 

detect365 allows organizations to fully adopt and maximize their use of Microsoft Purview.  Purpose built to address specific challenges in the Microsoft information governance portfolio, organizations can adopt Microsoft Purview with ease powered by detect365.


detect365 provides enterprises with next generation data analysis to achieve a simple and compliant adoption of Microsoft Purview.

What information exists across your data estate?

Data Discovery and Data Mapping

The first step in any information governance journey organizations conduct the process of identifying, storing and categorizing the data across their estate.  

detect365 offers sensitive data management and classification across all Microsoft and non-Microsoft repositories; offering a centralized optic for your entire data estate.

Catalog your data assets and map your data flow to automate compliance data retention policies, enforce data sovereignty through geo-dispersion, and strengthen your security posture.

What information is kept and what is not?

Data Retention and Data Deletion

Identifying what information should be kept, quarantined, archived, or deleted is an essential capability in any information governance  program.

With a 'store everything' centric approach Microsoft has neglected it's capabilities to intelligently and efficiently delete or move data to lower cost storage options. 

detect365 provides rapid PB scale analysis to ascertain the ownership, utilization, age, redundancy, and other critical criteria to identify data that can be moved or deleted.

Who has access to this data?

Data Access Governance

The threat of insider data breaches is high when organizations don’t have a strong approach to access governance with their data. Many organizations have poorly organized files servers with decades-worth of unstructured data that isn’t managed.

detect365 provides a centralize optic for data access across Microsoft and non-Microsoft repositories - both on-premise and in the cloud.

A simple and compliant solution for your
Microsoft 365 needs

Purpose built to simplify the compliant adoption of Microsoft Purview, detect365 is the next generation of data and information governance.



Read our white paper to learn more about journal365 and enabling compliant journal archiving in Microsoft 365.


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