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Enable third party content capture for Microsoft Purview and Microsoft 365. 

Unifying the distributed workforce

Today's workforce is highly distributed, both physically and digitally.   With the modernization of employee communication, paired with the growing home-based workforce, enterprises using Microsoft 365 for communciations governance need to be legally and compliantly prepared for the proliferation of non-Microsoft communciation. 

Email is no longer king in the communciation landscape.  The instant communication of our everyday lives is also reflected in the business world with a growing majority of employee to employee communication conducted via IM collaboration and video and voice tools


,As non-email communication grows exponentially, Microsoft 365 users need to be legally defensible for all employee communications and must have the proper provisions in place to preserve and search their enterprise data.


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connect365 provides the industry's most modern and robust portfolio of third-party connectors for preservation in M365 and journal365.


The average employee uses 4 to 5 commnication channels everyday.    

Federated preservation and eDiscovery in
Microsoft Purview

connect365 has been purpose-built to empower Microsoft 365 users with the confidence to embrace any communication and collaboration platforms without concerns of records retention or eDiscovery gaps. 


By connecting to and capturing chat, audio/video, and other unstructured data generated from these applications, new collaboration, chat, EFSS, and other platforms can be onboarded compliantly into Microsoft365.

Save millions on third-party archive costs with a simple and compliant adoption of Microsoft 365

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A simple and compliant solution for your Microsoft 365 needs

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Read our white paper to learn more about journal365 and enabling compliant journal archiving in Microsoft 365.


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